31 May 2018

Invitation to an evening with the Bulgarian composer Zory Burner and her vocal ensemble Peregrina EnChantica

    An evening of captivating and widely diverse world music and inspiring talks, in support of wildlife conservation, with a special focus on birds ...
31 May 2018

Talk with Christopher Buxton

In January, earlier this year we hosted a discussion with the Nigerian Londoner Alex Oma Paios, who shared his memories from studying in Sofia during the 1980s ...
31 May 2018

Bulgrian party at Golden Square in Soho

For the first time, members of the London Bulgarian Association are organising an event on Saturday, 26 May 2018 to celebrate a day of Bulgarian culture together with other Londoners ...


30 May 2018

Bulgarians and Brits celebrated the 24thMay – day of Bulgarian culture - together in London

If we were to give a definition of an extraordinary experience, then it would include hearing the song ‘Hubava si moia goro’ performed by Brits on a sunny day, next to a garden with Bulgarian roses in central London ...
29 May 2018

London's Migration Museum is interested in the Bulgarian migration

The Mayor’s Citizen Led Engagement Programme supports citizen initiatives for social integration ...
28 May 2018

How is the Bulgarian language taught at UCL?

UCL is the only university in England, which offers degrees in Slavonic languages ...


29 May 2018

Silvia Petrova: Life like a good fairytale 

  Every morning we go to work, only to end up in a repetitive cycle, that seemingly lasts for centuries ...
29 May 2018

Ilcho Kazakov: I found business opportunities in London 

I came to England on the 4thof July – the American Independence Day - in 2001 ...
29 May 2018

Ivo Varbanov on Bulgarian music and wine in London

In 2016, the London pianist Ivo Varbanov told us about his dream to organise a recording of a piece by the Bulgarian composer Dimitar Nenov with the Royal Scottish National Orchestra ...
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